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Garden Fencing in Erith

Do you require high quality garden fencing in Erith?

Need a brand-new garden fence or gate for your property? Elite Fencing and Landscapes Ltd helps make the entire process easy and inexpensive.

With many years of experience and a committed team, our objective is to offer a fencing service in Erith that’s second to none. Protect your property and keep people from walking on your garden with our extensive range of garden fencing in Erith.

In addition we supply gardening services and landscaping expertise throughout the county.

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garden fencing in Erith

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Our range of fencing includes:

Chain Link fencing
Wire Mesh

Wood Fence Panels Erith

There are several benefits of having wood fence panels installed besides adding a lovely, decorative element to the home and elegance to any property. Aside from the appearance of this type of garden fencing in Erith, they’re also inexpensive so they accommodate most budgets. Wood is also a versatile material to use when it comes to fencing, and owing to this versatility, you’ll have your pick of a variety of distinctive and beautiful fencing designs. Good examples would be the different panel designs which include options which provide security and privacy, along with some level of soundproofing. Panels which are close together would be the most suitable choice if you’re looking for a way to hide certain areas of your home that might be on the ugly side (storage areas, etc.).

Picket Fencing in Erith

The Symbol of idyllic, Suburban life

There are few things as warm and inviting as a white picket fence, notable by their quaint looking, picket’s and uniformly space vertical boards. Picket fencing in Erith is seen by most people as a symbol of the idyllic, suburban life and a tranquil life-style. This originates from the fact that homes in tranquil, suburban neighborhoods in the UK usually have a garden which they enclose with picket fencing.

Picket fences are both alluring and functional

A properly built and installed picket fence can add an attractive touch to a home’s gardens, outline property lines and they’re a lovely way to contain children and pets without blocking views in both front and back yards. A Picket fence will blend into any home gardens or properties, protecting features that include pools and garden ponds, without leading you to feel closed off. Classic picket fencing never go out of style and to add a more vivid touch you’ll find they’re offered in any color, and are a wonderful way to add a picturesque cottage feel to any home or garden.

Palisade Fencing

Steel palisade fencing in Erith, which is widely used in the UK, provides a formidable barrier due to the solid manufacturing that uses cold roll formed steel sections which are created specifically to provide rigidity and strength and also provides excellent performance standard height. The fencing’s forbidding look and the inherent durability of the pales (heads) produce a powerful deterrent to possible intruders.

Fencing Repairs in Erith

If your looking for fencing, it might be because your fence has been wind damaged or has progressively rotted through the years. Don’t worry Elite Fencing and Landscapes Ltd will make every effort to see if your fence can be repaired, saving you the cost of new fencing.

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Garden Fencing in Erith
Garden Fencing in Erith