Choosing the right form of fencing

Elite Fencing and Landscapes Ltd is one of the cities largest suppliers of fencing, helping many happy clients pick the best fencing for their needs. Fencing comes in a range of styles and types, each offering different gains based on goal.

Along with the main purpose you would like your fencing to fulfil, you’ll need to be aware of any height restrictions on fencing panels applicable in the area.

Exactly what are your priorities?


You may wish to look at Pressure Treated Overlap fencing panels or Golden Dipped fencing panels. If disturbance is a problem in your area, the thicker Feather Edge panels or Treated Close Board panels are constructed from heavier timber and can deliver some element of noise-reduction

A trellis-topped or trellis fence is virtually impossible to climb over as it will collapse under a person’s bodyweight. The noise and damage this can result in can deter opportunists. Coupling a trellis with a prickly climbing plant (like a rose) adds an extra hurdle. If security is a key worry, you may also want to take a look at our range of gates.

Willow or Hazel hurdles are very effective wind-breaks since they allow an element of wind through reducing the vortex effect that a solid barrier would certainly generate. The Dorset, Somerset Convex, Somerset Concave and Hampshire range of fencing panels also have gaps for that purpose.

The Windsor Range is probably the most sturdily designed fencing panels our company offers and can muffle noise where the source originates below panel height. The Windsor Range also has unique moveable slats to overcome the difficulty of expansion and contraction with the weather.

By purchasing at a specialist fencing panel supplier you have the opportunity to build the fence that reflects your specific requirements and fits your house and garden. If a solid fence is required and you feel panels wouldn’t look right, try Willow or Hazel hurdles; if security is your priority then a Feather Edge fence paired with solid timber gates gives an imposing look and peace of mind.

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